GHM Emerging Issue Briefs: Health systems in fragile states

“Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will not be met in most of the countries often referred to as fragile states, where a sixth of the world’s population lives but where mortality remains very high and life expectancy low. By 2015 it is estimated that half of those in extreme poverty will be living in fragile states.”

Nigel Pearson has authored the two new GHM Emerging Issue Briefs looking at the delivery of health care in states affected by conflict and fragility: Health systems in fragile states: The challenge of meeting health needs for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The first brief provides a conceptual approach to health systems in states affected by conflict and fragility. The second brief proposes solutions for reinforcing systems, ways of overcoming the challenges inherent in these environments.

Photo credit: Nigel Pearson

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The First GHM ‘Controversial Issue Brief’

Global Health Minders has started a new series of briefs: Controversial Issue Briefs. In the first GHM Controversial Issue Brief, the author Phil Clarke discusses the role of private industry in delivering global health and writes:

“Private industry, sometimes through Public Private Partnerships (PPP), is gaining an increasing share of the global health market, but there is controversy as to whether or not this provides more effective and efficient healthcare.”

Read the brief: Medicines and Mobile Phones – Making private industry deliver on global health.

Photo credit: Unicef/PA

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GHM Emerging Issue Brief: Undocumented migrants

Undocumented migrants and asylum seekers in Greece are facing inhuman, degrading treatment and living conditions. Their ‘undocumented’ legal status impairs or denies them the most basic access to health care. The rapid spread of disease and the lack of basic health care provision among an increasing number of undocumented migrants present a hitherto unsolved emerging public health crisis, write the authors of the latest GHM Emerging Issue Brief titled Undocumented migrants as an emerging public health issue: The case of Greece.

Photo credit: MSF (2014). “Greece: Lives on Hold. Migrants in Detention”

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Chairman’s remarks: Open mind and new mindset needed

Seminar ‘Investing in Health – How to do it and why?’, held in Copenhagen Thursday 6 November, gathered some 80 persons to hear the introduction to Global Health 2035 report by Gavin Yamey (in the picture) and to discuss, whether it makes sense to invest in health in developing countries. Global Health Minders’ Chairman Morten Sodemann opened the seminar by calling for a new and better mindset and an open-minded discussion:

Global health has suffered from a serious fatigue lately and has lost some of its virginity somewhere in the West African suburban jungles where a little virus with 7 genes has exposed the entire world to the harsh reality of global health: nobody really cares about global health threats until they turn up in our own neighborhood. Let’s be honest, global health is not having one of its brightest moments this year.

Read his opening remarks below.

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GHM Emerging Issue Brief: Anti-Homosexual Legislation

‘Recent anti-homosexual laws are generating increased persecution of members of marginalized LGBT communities threatening their health, means of existence and their life’, writes Steven Jensen in the latest Global Health Minders Emerging Issue Brief.

‘Homosexuality is illegal in at least 78 countries worldwide – among them 36 African countries. Recently a trend has emerged where laws are introduced that not only criminalize same-sex relations but also include far-reaching provisions that undermine the basic rights and freedoms that Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender persons (LGBT) are entitled to enjoy.’

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GHM Emerging Issue Brief: Ageing

Globally, populations are ageing, leading to fears about an ‘elder burden’ of economically unproductive, fragile older persons endangering our societal wellbeing. The challenge is not new, but our thinking on how we should meet it is evolving rapidly, and global health actors play a central part, writes Siri Tellier in the latest Global Health Minders Emerging Issue Brief.

Read the brief: Ageing – A global demographic destiny?

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GHM Emerging Issue Brief: Education for Health

Basic and secondary education may be the best tool for improving poor people’s health. But international aid for education is declining, writes Knud Vilby in the new Global Health Minders Emerging Issue Brief on Education for Health.

Global aid to education has been declining seriously since 2010 and is now 10 % below the 2010-level. Basic education is one of the pillars in efforts to improve health especially in poor and vulnerable populations. Stagnation in efforts to reach “Education for all” will make it more difficult to reach global health targets.

The brief underlines that:

  • Evidence shows that better education improves health.
  • Poor quality teaching and lack of trained teachers are growing problems.
  • Low-income countries are dependent on international aid in providing primary education.
  • MDG 2 called for education for all by 2015 but there still are 57 million children and 69 million adolescents not attending school.

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