GHM Controversial Issue Brief: Big Pharma

In the GHM Controversial Issue Brief titled ‘How can we collaborate with Big Pharma in global health?‘, Nicolai Lohse writes:

The combination of pharmaceutical companies and global health invariably makes one think of the huge lack of access to medicine in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Drugs are either not affordable, not available at all, only available intermittently due to frequent pharmacy stock-outs, of poor quality, ineffective, or they are counterfeit and may even be unsafe.


Making quality medicine available, affordable, and accessible to all who need them is extremely complicated and requires a coordinated effort by many global health actors – including the pharmaceutical industry. In this need for collaborative solutions lies also the key to involving drug companies as a partner in global health.

Download the brief on Big Pharma.

Photo credit: Erling Høg

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