Think net for global health

Global Health Minders is an independent think net for global health. It is a Danish network of thinkers – individual researchers and experts – working in the field of global health.


Our mission is to inspire and inform policy and practice on global health issues to enhance evidence based decision making.


We do this by providing latest research, analyses, policy advice and debate. We bring new global health challenges to the public agenda and make decision-makers, practitioners and wider public aware of the global health issues, challenges and improvements.


The core funding of Global Health Minders is provided in partnership by the Health Faculties of Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark. This website and our research communication activities in 2012-2014 have been funded by a grant from Tips- og lottomidlerne, administrated by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


We cannot carry out our activities without a broad base of knowledge and experience. Therefore, the key role of Global Health Minders is to gather and mobilise the Danish resource base in global health.


What we do?

  • Knowledge

    Global Health Minders gathers and analyses new and existing knowledge and experience in the field of global health. We strengthen dialogue between research and development aid, and provide a forum for exchanging experiences, best practices and lessons learnt. By gathering expertise across disciplines, Global Health Minders also generates high potential to spotlight the emerging health challenges, contributes to ensuring that Danish research in global health remains of high quality and provides evidence-based policy advice.

  • Communication

    Research communication lies in the heart of Global Health Minders’ activities. We communicate research findings, analyses and policy advice in a concise and understandable manner. We aim at informing the wider public on global health issues, challenges and improvements and furthermore, to bring new global health challenges to the public agenda.

  • Advocacy

    Global Health Minders advocates for maintaining global health as an important part of Denmark’s development cooperation. We contribute to a more effective utilisation of research-based knowledge in decision making processes, for example by critically monitoring donor organisations’ activities and policies and facilitating processes to develop focused, accessible and feasible policy briefs.