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Link: Was Ebola the black swan?

Global Health Minders’ chairman Morten Sodemann looks back to the Ebola epidemic, its causes and failures in his article (in Danish) Var ebola-epidemien en sort svane? on the

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Read the article (in Danish).

Photo credit: Morten Sodemann

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Interesting reading: Let’s celebrate rhetoric-based development

Richard Horton writes about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in his article Offline: Let’s celebrate rhetoric-based development on

Eradicate poverty, end hunger, deliver health, ensure education for all, achieve gender equality, provide safe water, supply sustainable energy, promote economic growth, advance industrialisation, erase inequality, strengthen cities, balance production and consumption, address climate change, save the oceans, protect ecosystems, bring peace and justice to the world, and do it all in perfect amity and harmony. Thomas More called it Utopia. We are more modest (or naive) and call it sustainable development.

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Link: Call for stronger ties between health and education

Global leaders call for stronger ties between health and education in UN General Assembly event focusing on improving the lives of women and girls through investments in education and health.

Policy makers and leaders of various governments and organizations emphasized the need to find new ways to work together to improve the lives of millions of girls and women in developing countries, starting with further collaboration to maximize impact and returns on investment. The evidence laid out by each speaker leaves no doubt: education can improve children’s health, and investing in children’s health can improve their ability to learn.

Read more at the Global Partnerships for Education’s website.

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Link: A new Lancet Commission on SRHR

The Guttmacher Institute and The Lancet are establishing a Commission on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the post-2015 world, writes Ann Starr, President and CEO of the Guttmacher Institute in her comment titled: A Lancet Commission on sexual and reproductive health and rights: going beyond the Sustainable Development Goals on

The Commission will begin work in early 2016 with the aim of developing a wide-ranging and evidence-based agenda for key sexual and reproductive health and rights priorities worldwide over the next 15 years.

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ADB visiting Denmark, health on agenda

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is visiting Denmark and together the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are organising a seminar: Business Opportunities with Asian Development Bank on 24 September 2015. The seminar aims to inform Danish companies about opportunities for involvement in ADB financed projects. The seminar has a special focus on two specific sectors: health and clean energy.

Below you will find some of the background material used in the seminar:

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Link: African scientists’ fight for equality

An article at titled After years of second-class status in research partnerships, African scientists are calling for change by Linda Nordling, discusses the important issue of equality in research.

The Nairobi Industrial Court agreed that six Kenyan doctors in an international research partnership had been systematically passed over for promotion and training, whereas their European colleagues had flourished. It was also perhaps the first time that African researchers had so strongly — and so publicly — voiced resentment of their perceived second-class status in partnerships with foreign colleagues. African scientists say that they often feel stuck in positions such as data-collectors and laboratory technicians, with no realistic path to develop into leaders.

Read the article Africa’s fight for equality.

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