Video interviews: What is Global Health?

We have asked eleven experts to help us to define what Global Health is all about. Their answers were filmed and you can now hear what they think are the biggest challenges, most important topics and priorities in the field of Global Health. We asked them the same five questions and the interviews give an excellent view on the different themes and priorities in the field.

Click in, check them out and ENJOY!

The five questions were:

1. What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘Global Health’?
2. What are, in your view, the three most important topics in the field og Global Health?
3. What are, in your view, the three most important challenges?
4. Which Global Health topics would you prioritise if you were only allowed to give support to one?
5. Do you think that ‘Global Health’ exists in 10 years?

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DIHR Study: The Rights of LGBTI persons in Africa

Human rights protection of LGBTI persons have become a major issue on the international political agenda. Africa has received special attention due to the strict anti-homosexual legislation passed by political leaders in countries like Uganda and Nigeria. Development cooperation and the provision of aid have been facing new challenges due to the controversies following in the footsteps of these political decisions and legislative measures.

By Steven L.B. Jensen

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What is your wish for Christmas?

Global Health Minders’ Chairman Morten Sodemann writes that his biggest naïve wish for Christmas is that any individual on earth counts – but he would be more than happy if we could just start by teaching children in India and Malawi to count to 24. And he prompts you all to write a comment and let us know:  What is your naïve global health wish for Christmas?  

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Comment on the draft strategic framework

The headaches of an unhappy marriage – Danish policy for strategic support to development research

A few days ago a public consultation on the Strategic Framework for Danish support to Development Research, 2014-2018 was held at LIFE in Copenhagen with the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach. It was interesting to researchers because, once again, it was demonstrated how and why science and politics are in a forced but mutually unhappy marriage.

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