GHM Brief: HIV in Eastern Europe and Arab Countries

The latest GHM Emerging Issue Brief Vulnerable and Hidden in Webs of Behaviour: Concentrated HIV Epidemics in Eastern Europe and Arab Countries by Erling Høg concludes:

“Eastern Europe and the Arab world inhabit a vast number of countries. This emerging issue brief highlights one aspect of the diversity of experiences: pockets of concentrated HIV epidemics in which people tend to hide, being afraid of coming forth for HIV testing and AIDS care.

The other side of the coin remains an inefficient HIV and AIDS service delivery that fails to reach out to all in need. A critical issue remains the emerging risky webs of behaviour among vulnerable and hidden demographic groups in both Eastern Europe and the Arab countries.

Moreover, men who have sex with men, injecting drug users and sex workers often face a general problem in countries that require a negative HIV test to marry, to enter, stay or reside permanently, to get a job or to study at a university.”

Download the brief here.


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