PhD defence, Bandim Health Project

PhD student Signe Sørup defends her PhD thesis February 20, 2014 at Statens Serum Institut. Bandim Health Project has found that in low-income countries vaccines have non-specific effects, affecting not only the target disease but also the general health. Signe has tested the hypothesis that these effects are general and also seen in high-income settings. Maybe research done in low-income countries can have major impact in high-income countries.

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Seminar: Expect the Unexpected!

An inaugural seminar ”Expect the unexpected: The effect of health interventions in real life” to mark the appointment of Christine Stabell Benn as Professor of Global Health at University of Southern Denmark.

  • 16 December at 14-15.40
  • At SSI, Statens Serum Institut, 5 Artillerivej, 2300 Copenhagen S.

See the program and register here.

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Seminar: Gaps in the global HIV/AIDS success story

The Millenium Development Goals are soon expiring and progress within each area is currently being assessed. Generally, the Millenium Development Goal on HIV&AIDS (MDG6) is considered to be “broadly on track”. However, this general picture conceals “pockets” of decline in some geographical areas and certain populations where little or no progress has been achieved, and where HIV & AIDS is spreading unabated. These areas and populations have largely been ignored, either because of difficult working conditions or stigma and criminalization which prevent effective interventions.

  • TIME: December 2, 2013, 1 pm – 3.30 pm
  • PLACE: Øksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, Copenhagen V
  • REGISTRATION: No later than November 28, to

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