Birte Holm Sørensen Independent Consultant

I am MD specialized in Pediatrics and Public Health with a life time experience of all aspects of development activities addressing international public health issues. I have worked for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in different capacities and retired as a World Bank staff. I have managed many multi-donor and multi-national teams and prepared a large number of programme-related documents and reports. I continue to undertake international consultancies and am engaged nationally and internationally in policy dialogue on public health issues.

  • A book that is a must-read for everybody interested in Global Health?

    “Mountains beyond mountains” by Tracy Kidder.

  • A Global Health related book that I am reading at the moment?

    Svalens Graf – even though this is a novel it addresses the highly relevant issue of how far people will go for their own personal gain – in our daily lives it reminds us to always ask ourselves what will motivate others to make the decisions we feel they should make!

  • The most important question that has not yet been answered in the field of Global Health?

    How do we get across the concept that health – and access to care – is a right not a privilege!


    I find this World Bank Blog very informative: Let’s Talk Development

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